Impacting Lifestyle Changes

The Ambassador Formula.

Acquisition, Engagement, Success.

The ambassador’s inspiration provides the ability to come together as one team and accomplish the lifestyle goals together. Our ambassadors interact and incentivize members to actively track results and everyday activity with content and rewards.

“Our passion to help people drives us to keep you in your Stay Healthy Zone.”

— Dan Marino, Ambassador

How we use our ambassadors.

On the journey to your Healthy Zone, you are joined by celebrity ambassadors who assist your travels by providing content and messaging throughout the platform.

You'll receive

Key value props.



Our ambassadors have a proven track record of influencing behavioral change.



Built on interactions, our customized tools drive positive results.



We provide consistent reinforcement to keep you focused.

Maintain consumer engagement.

From building brands to enhancing consumer reactions our ambassadors focus on the changing of behaviors, maintaining engagement and positively impacting the lifestyle changes of those they touch.